Necessaire Floor Stand Assembly Instructions

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Full written instructions available in the PDF download link below

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Written instructions (included with the stand)

Before you begin to assemble your “Necessaire”  Floor stand, please read these instructions carefully and identify all the individual parts. Please refer to the diagram on the white sheet. (it’s very easy). Also see box label for picture of completed stand.

Please use the Allen key for all the fixings, which is in it’s leather clip. A little candle wax on the screw threads will help assembly.


Step 1: Secure bottom cross bar to the legs using the four shorter Allen screws 50mm long (brass colour) make sure the metal screw inserts, which are already fitted into the leg, are on the bottom against the floor.


Step 2: Align the periscope pedestal over the bottom cross bar and screw together with the 2x60mm black  Allen screws and fit the 65mm long cup sq. head bolt through the column with the washer so the large black knob is on the right hand side.


Step 3: Lay the top cross bar upside down on a flat surface, making sure the groove is face down and to the top. Insert the steel dowel into the pre drilled hole in the toggle and insert the ends into the partly drilled holes of the support arms, so the toggle is near the upper edge, holding these parts together place over the four holes and fix using the four 70mm Allen screws so that the support arms face away from you.


Step 4: Turn head over and attach to the pedestal as shown on the diagram using the 65mm cup sq. head bolt with washer and the other large knob.


Step 5: Place the arms under the Top cross bar and secure through the second hole from the end using the two 45mm cup sq. bolts with the washers and small knobs. The knobs can be released to enable the arms to swing to support your various frame sizes and the arms can be lengthened by moving the bolt to the other hole in the arms. The arms will support a lace pillow or quilting hoop up to 18” (45.5cm) in diameter or a drawing board or tray. It is not designed to support very small hoops.


Step 6: Screw the two hooks in either end of the cross bar (pliers may help)


Step 7: Finally, all that remains is for you to adjust the height of the pedestal by sliding it up and down (it is not designed to bend forward)  Angle the head to suit your sitting position by inserting the toggle into one of the three cut outs (most commonly the middle one) and you are all set for many years of easy, comfortable stitching.

The groove in the top cross bar is for a chart board. Always keep the Allen key in its leather clip.

Wooden parts check list:     

2x legs (with metal inserts)   
2x Support arms   
1x Pedestal column   
1x Lower cross bar (angled ends)   
1x Top cross bar (with groove)   
2x Arms (with dowels)   
1x Toggle


Metal parts check list:     
4x 70mm Allen screws,
4x 50mm Allen screws,
2x 60mm Allen screws,
2x 65mm cup sq. head bolts,
2x 45 cup sq. head bolts,
4x Washers,
1x Steel dowel,
2x Hooks,
2x Large knobs,
2x Small knobs.

If you need any help with your “Necessaire ”  floor stand please call us.