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Vivienne - October 2014

Dear Marisa and John
I write to express my thanks and to say how overjoyed I am with my stand and frames
received recently.
The craftsmanship is superb.
Every item of my order, even to the leather strap to hold the key, is without doubt
remarkable. The precision, the chosen quality wood, every detail of shaping and carving on
each element is outstanding. The care that is taken with the different shape ‘holes’ on either
side of the same piece of wood to accommodate the various fittings, is amazing.
It is a privilege to own and use such quality handmade items which will be cherished and
used with love over many years.
There is nothing on the market to come close to your products. Credit to you for the
excellent design and care obviously taken to cover all aspects of the needs desired by the
user. I like to work with my fabric fairly taught and after 3 hours embroidery it did not
slacken once at any time. This is a first and is unlike other products.
My current project which I set up, I could not believe how organised it enabled me to be but
also such a joy to work with.
For the first time I am looking forward to taking on and completing larger projects.

Very Kind regards



Brenda - October 2014

Dear "Needle Needs",
This is the very first stitching frame and stand I have ever purchased, and I'm delighted with the product! It is an elegant piece of equipment that functions perfectly. I am very happy with my purchase, and I think it's the best item I've ever bought!

Kind regards,


October 2014

We wanted to say thank you for your excellent customer service. You were very friendly, patient and gave us fantastic advice. Not only did we save money but we ended up getting the best product for us. We are very happy with the stand and board, it is extremely well made (a lovely finish)and the board fits perfectly. Delivery was very quick.Thank you once again, we will definitely be returning to you and are in anticipation of the clip on magnifying glass and light when you are able to get them again.


Cheryl - October 2014

I cannot say enough about my new frames and stands. The quality is apparent with just a glimpse and the price is reasonable when you consider the fact that they will last a lifetime and then some. Cheaper frames and stands will more than likely have to be replaced for one reason or another and numerous times which in the end will far exceed the cost of Needle Needs products. In my opinion, Needle Needs gives the best of both worlds, quality tools at a bargain price.


Dana, Ireland - April 2013

Two months ago, I got the millennium frame, which is absolutely amazing but after 5 minutes working I realised that I needed the necessaire floor stand.

I was in a bit of a dilemma due to the price, but I couldn't resist of the temptation of having a really helpful stand for my frame.

Watching the video on the website helped me to make this important decision. At last, yesterday I got the stand and in 30 minutes, I set it up and started working.....


I have no words to describe how much help this stand is, I was very delighted to see how easy it is to work now and to be able to work for hours with no back pain or sore hands because of holding the frame.


So all the waiting was worth it for this master piece of work and I can say that everybody who is passionate in tapestry or gobelin should have a millennium frame and the necessaire stand floor.

I'm so delighted with all this and I know that I will enjoy working for many more years.....
Thank you for your beautiful work, and I hope you will make many, many more people as happy as I am.


Bianca Clark, u.s.a. - january 2013


Turns out your frames are not just very good, they are absolutely amazing. Am almost speechless. I find NO flaw ... and I am one picky customer...

Received them tonight. Much appreciated the fast shipping service of my frames and lapstand.  Played around with it a little bit as wanted to get my smaller project set up first on the 20 inch frame. Knew it would be a bit of a challenge as there is not much material extra on the bottom and it is already stitched all over as am working on the very left bottom corner. But had it set up and ready to go after playing with it for 15 minutes or so. Considering I am a complete muppet with figuring out stuff like this (I have trouble closing a Basking & Robbins icecream cake box to give you an idea) it was a good start.

And then ... the fabric had tension all the way perfectly. You should have seen me when I came running with my frame in hand shouting that it worked, it really has tension like a drum!! Yes, I know it is nutty. But you try and stitch for years on frames that do not hold the tension and then getting to the point of frustrating -- as remember I am addicted to cross stitching and I just did not know why nobody had resolved this issue as of yet.... turns out John did, I just did not know it!

Attached it to my K's Creations frame, which worked perfectly and started stitching....

It is going to be a late night...as I was addicted to this hobby before, have now entered a whole new dimension.
My goodness what an invention -- this is really an amazing system. First of all the pieces are beautiful -- the wood feels amazing, it is very sturdy and just gorgeous. Excellent craftmanship.

But the tension is indeed like John said "tight like a drum" -- have now stitched for 3 hours straight...no need to ever adjust the tension as it has been holding perfectly.

You might think it silly, but I could almost cry looking at this beautiful frame. I have spent many many hours in frustration -- my biggest hold back on any huge projects was the fact I needed good materials and I could not find it.
The problem became an obsession and am I ever glad I found your company.




nikki monroe, u.s.a. - january 2013

You guys are SO amazing!! Not only is your product the absolute best product on the market... hands down.... but your customer service is the best I've had, with any company.  If you had a rating system with 5 stars tops, you'd easily get a 10!!!  I've been waiting for after the holidays & things to calm down to write you a quick 'praise' note.  So here I am.
I thank you guys.... for being an amazing company, and I thank M for her fantastic customer service.  I know you guys were in so far over your heads & she took the time to address every issue/concern I had! Again, thank you!!  THANK YOU!!!


(About bar parks)
They are essential with these absolutely fantastic frames!!!!  It's like that cherished cherry on the top of a Banana Split.... so small, so insignificant in the big picture, yet we all eat around it, saving it for last, almost not wanting to eat it at all because that means it's time to stop the enjoyment... that's it's over till next time, but when we do enjoy the cherry, that final piece, it's so rewarding because it has finalized the enjoyment of the process..... and it may be the last thing to do, but it's just as important (and delicious) as every other bite of the Banana Split!
You guys are the best!!!  You guys really do go above & beyond any business; in person, over the phone, internet orders, it doesn't matter.... you guys feel like family & treat your customers like they are valuable members of your family.  Thank you. Sincerely, thank you, for everything.  I can't even express my gratitude without repeating myself over & over!!! :) THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!




denise thompson, australia - january 2012

The Millenium Frame arrived yesterday. I read the clear instructions and the frame is set up waiting to have the design put on the fabric.

Looking at the Millenium frame I truly believe it is a work of art in its self. Definately a beautiful tool, well thought out.

I love its smooth and silky feel, an item beautifully finished.
Each part fits together as smoothly as its finish. No barbs or notches for threads to snag on.

John, you and your workers have produced an exceptionally fine craft tool. I am happy to say to anyone, get a frame from Needle Needs, look after it well and you will have it for the rest of your life.

I am sure you must have been a tad exhausted by my numerous queries about packaging and postage. Well my dear I am happy all round and eager to get started on my piece.

Summa cum laude


Ena Febrey - September 2011

"The screwdriver in my workbox has been moved to a draw in the kitchen!
Reason: I have purchased a needle needs frame and its accessories (including the Ogle Goggle magnifier light).

The use of the frame has brought a new joy to my embroidery. I feel comfortable using the frame, as I know it is stable and there is no stitching required to mount a piece of work.

I was fortunate in having a grandmother wand mother who were excellent needle women who gave me the skills of using my hands to pursue all aspects of needlework.

I suffer from osteoporosis and arthritis in my hands - the needlework frame has enabled me to continue to pursue embroidery, with less stress on my hands and body and I am always comfortable.

The products are beautifully packed and include clear usage instructions."



Rosemary D. - February 2010

I received my lap frame and frames last christmas and wonder how i managed all these years without one.

The tension is 100% and does not go loose at any point.

Yes, it was expensive but once you own one you will never buy another make of frame.

I have just recommened a friend one at needlework group because she is so impressed with my one.

Thank you so much for inventing this frame, no other make comes even near it.


Naomi - Febraury 2010

This is the second frame I have brought from you (needed a large size frame), and none of the other frames on the market are comparable to yours. Very robust, beautifully made and now saving up for the stand. The first frame I have had for a good 10 years which was about the time you brought them out.


Sarah, Blaenavon - January 2010

I have just received a millennuim frame & the little wizard frame  and I am very pleased with the quality of the products. I looked at several retailers for a frame for my cross stitch but they all seemed filmsy.

The millennium frame is robust, it feels and looks good and very easy to assembly without the need to stitch or staple aida to the frame.

The frame may be more expensive but I would say it is worth it for the workmanship that has gone into the making of the frames. I will be saving up for the Necessaire Floor Stand for my next purchase.

If anyone wants a frame for their cross stitch I would look no further and invest in a millennium frame.

Thank you Needle Needs


H. Cordingley - August 2009

Thank you so much all your help over the weekend regarding my purchase of the Aristo stand. I appreciate very much that you put yourself out for me so that I could get my much needed stand.

I have used it over the weekend and I have to say that it is the best stitching gadget that I have ever bought! I was struggling to cross stitch due to problems with my joints and so I could only do a little at a time.

Now I have the Aristo I can stitch for longer without so many problems. And what is even better I can take my Aristo with me wherever I go.

That means the world to me as now I won't have to give up my precious hobby! The Aristo is worth every penny and I am so glad that I purchased it.

The Aristo really is a gift from heaven and even though I have only had it for a few days I can't imagine life without it.

I also have your frames and they are a must for any dedicated cross stitcher.

The quality of your products is second to none and that makes my hobby all the more enjoyable, being able to use such beautiful products makes stitching a real gift and a pleasure.

Thank you for giving us stitchers such beautiful products, keep up the good work! Please keep giving us the WOW factor!


L. Potter - August 2009

I have had my Necessaire Floor Stand and Millennium Frames for three years now. It was purchased as a gift for me and at the time I was not convinced it would be any good. I am pleased to admit I was totally wrong and now I won't use anything but my Necessaire and Millennium Frames.

It saw me through my pregnancy with my daughter because it is so flexible. I find the frames compare to nothing else on the market. Roller frames need constant tightening and cross stitch stands collapse under the slightest amount of pressure. There are NO wing nuts to be tightened and all the parts that need tightened are easy to grip.

Attaching work to the frames is so easy too, there's no stitching, stapling or taping. Once the work has been attached to the frame it is held taught ensuring even stitches. In all the time I have been using mine my fabric has never come loose or began to sag and I use unstarched aida regularly due to allergies.

I have never needed to purchase any other parts as the original ones are still in perfect condition. I currently have a set of 10" bars, 20" bars and 8"-10" side stretchers and this up until now has been all I have required. I have now started moving onto smaller and larger projects and I am looking at purchasing 36" bars, 15"-18" side stretchers and a little wizard in the near future.

I cannot thank you enough for the quality pieces you create. For anyone that says "but they're so expensive" what I would like to say to them is: The number of roller frames that I have had to replace over the years because I have accidently overtightened a wing nut and split the wood and the same for the cross stitch stands. I've never had any piece from needle needs split.

I would have saved a fortune if I had had these from the start. It has been a worthwhile investment and I can see my pieces being passed down onto my daughter. I also have the clip on light and magnifier and the tidy pot to help keep everything close to hand.

Keep up the excellent work.


P. Dalegarth - September 2009

There is no way that I could let the opportunity go by without singing the praises of Needle Needs and their products! I have had my frame for years now and am so passionate about Needle Needs that at least six friends have also bought - AND USED on my recommendation!

There is not one item that I have bought that is not being used and the quality is so good I know they will outlive me! Coupled with this John is so patient and helpful. Go and talk to him at the shows or give him a ring - I promise you, you won't be disappointed. He listens with interest to his customers and takes on board their comments - so rare these days.

If I was asked which of my sewing aids I couldn't live without, there is no doubt in my mind - my Needle Needs products. I bought and tried so many frames, stands etc before buying my Needle Needs and can honestly say that nothing comes even remotely close to the quality and design that I have now.