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Millennium Frame

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The unique solution for your needlework!

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The unique solution for your needlework!

To make one complete frame, choose one set of side stretchers and one set of bars.

The default size for the frame (if you do not select otherwise) is 8" - 10" (20cm - 25cm) high by 20" (51cm) wide.

Thereafter, you can simply add other bars, should you need to.  


Please note, the bar sizes relate to your maximum fabric width and the side stretchers refer to the exposed stitching area from top to bottom.

Using the standard side stretchers, the Millennium frame, has a maximum stitching area of 8 - 10" (20 -25 cm) by your chosen width. This size ensures you can comfortably and easily work your needlework without having to stretch.



Best sewing frame ever!

I have been stitching for over 40 years and this is the best frame I've ever had. So much so, I have just ordered a second one with different sized side stretchers. Fantastic product. Beautifully made.


Amazing frame EVER

The Millennium Frame holds the fabric drum tight and with even tension. I have been looked for a year for a frame and a trick to achieve this. I received my frame and it was wrapped very sturdy and safe and the product had no damaged at all! I opened it and it had a fresh wood smell with a smooth sanded surface. This frame is beautiful and well well well worth the wait! I feel it is UNDER PRICED and I would have paid a lot more for mine...even though I had to pay lots of shipped to get to the US! If you are a cross stitching person YOU NEED this product!!!!!

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Millennium Frame

Millennium Frame

The unique solution for your needlework!